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  • 101st Rakkasans. 2016.12.14

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    後で解ったのですが、彼は私にスマホ画面を見せながら、101st Rakkasans と云うアメリカの空挺師団の隊員で、なんと、この隊のシンボルマークが朱塗りの鳥居だと教えてくれたのです。




    Two American guys came into my shop.

    They were not my customers, just dropped to see our goods.

    I explained Buddhism and Shintoism.

    When the Buddhist past away, priest will give us posthumous Buddhist name.

    And the posthumous Buddhist name put on in front of the Ihai.

    The back of Ihai, put the family registered name and age at death.

    The priest will pray Ihai.

    After it, dead person’s spirit will be in it.

    One guy looked at red colored TORII, and asked me what it is.

    So, I asked that it stands in front of the shrine, which means it divides two parts

    The back of TORII means space of clean spiritual area and in front of it, daily life area.

    And he showed me his mart phone.

    It was American air strategy division 101st Rakkasans.

    This division’s symbol mark is TORII.

    So, I understood that they were soldiers of Rakkasans.

    But they didn’t know the reason of their symbol,鳥居and 落下傘,where comes from.

    I had not expected that TORII is used by American military’s symbol mark.